How I was murdered by a fox monster 2 is coming!! But first read this

I’ve given the story a lot of thought over the past few weeks. The sales have been bad, really really bad., so I’ve decided to try and market the story to a broader audience. I’ve lived in Japan for a lot time, so to me many of the Japanese themes which seem very normal maybe harder for an international audience to understand so I’ve changed the setting and some of the characters names. Obake means ghost in Japanese, but it sounds a little strange in English so I’ve changed it to “Monster” instead.

I make a few other small changes, but 90% of the book is still the same. “How I was Murdered by a Fox Monster” was a pretty long title so I’ve shortened it down to “The Monster Exorcist”

The biggest change is the ending. I thought that maybe it was too much of a cliff hanger so I added an extra chapter which explains why Akito was trying to kill Daisuke. It’s amazing, I love it, you’ll never guess the reason why! Hahahahahaha!

The new version of the book is currently on pre-order for Amazon kindle and will be released on October 4th you can pre-order it now and it will be delivered to you kindle as soon as it’s released. If things go well I hope to release a printed edition of the book as well.

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Character name changes.

OLD                                New

Daisuke Matsumoto       Michael Matsumoto

Kousuke Matsumoto       Able Matsumoto

Kanako Matsumoto        Katrina Matsumoto

Hikaru                  Sophie

Shuro                   Steve

Taisei Shinya           Tyson Song

Mana Shinya           Annie Song

Kiyori                 Kurt

Kurumi                Katie

Souta                  Laurence

Itsuki                  Isaac

Nina                   Nina

Shiki Moriyama         Sean Lopez

Akito is still Akito (because it seemed like the most natural name for him) and Nina is still Nina. Some of the wolf monsters also have their original names. I thought this would be character murder but it’s surprisingly easy to adjust to the new names.


Tales From A Land of Gods is free today on Amazon Kindle

Tales From A Land of Gods in free today on Amazon Kindle, you can give it a download here :)



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Tales From A Land of Gods Paperback


Tales from a Land of Gods is now available in Paperback from Amazon :)



Tales From A Land Of Gods is now out and exclusive to Amazon kindle for $1.99 

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Summary: Outside our world exists one of gods. A place where gods rein supreme and humans live like days of old.

Meng is a unique god who becomes lost in an endless forest. His only chance of escape is an old dying mortal who brings back memories of a past which he would prefer remain forgotten.


My sketch of Daisuke researching from ‘How I was Murdered by a Fox Monster.’

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Chapter 11 Preview

Here’s a small preview from ‘How I was Murdered by a Fox Monster’ Chapter 11.

 “It looked like he was going to walk by, but as soon as he reached my fence he stopped. I was afraid he’d seen me, so I peered through to see what he was doing. I was prepared to run for help if I had to, but that was when it happened.”

“When what happened?” Asked someone from the crowd.

Yuto took a deep breath. “Hair grew from his face, his figure bent and shrunk until he was standing on all fours. He shed his clothes and howled at the moon,” Yuto raised his hands for dramatic purposes. “And before I knew it, he had transformed, into a werewolf!

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Amazon!! http://amzn.com/1482028182

My first negative review. I don’t really mind because it’s for something I wrote when I was 16 and posted on B&N for free. You can check it out here! http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/monster-with-the-face-of-a-child-mc-queen/1114863660?ean=2940044378483